doctor putting a bandage on a wound

What is a Wound Panel and Why Do I Need it?

In the United States, a 2018 analysis of Medicare beneficiaries found that some 8.2 million people had wounds with treatment for acute and chronic wounds costing the healthcare system upwards of $96.8 billion.
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Reliable PCR Testing Demand Rises as Common but Dangerous RSV Surges

sick child sitting up in bed
RSV, the common but surprisingly dangerous respiratory virus, is surging across the country, threatening vulnerable populations that include...
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Traditional Culture Tests vs. PCR Tests

PCR Testing
Traditional culture tests have been around since the birth of microbiology in the 19th century, but innovations in molecular methods such as...
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Beyond COVID: What Can Molecular Diagnostics Tests Be Used For?

Close up image of human hand holding test tube.
The nature of medicine is that in times of crisis, innovation flourishes, which is certainly the case with molecular diagnostics since the c...
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How Has COVID-19 Testing Evolved?

It has been nearly two and half years since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic on March 11, 2020.
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Benefits of PCR Molecular Testing for Infectious Diseases

Two scientists observing something with a microscope in their laboratory
The COVID-19 pandemic has shone the light across a wide spectrum of medical advances such as the benefits of PCR molecular testing for infec...
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The Pros and Cons of Different Types of COVID-19 Testing

Lab worker completing Covid 19 Tests
As the coronavirus pandemic stretches towards the 2-year mark, odds are that you or a loved one has had to take a COVID-19 test. After all, ...
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